Chinese Dairy Producer Maiquer Fined RMB73.2m for Unauthorized Milk Additives

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Chinese Dairy Producer Maiquer Fined RMB73.2m for Unauthorized Milk Additives


China’s Xinjiang-based dairy producer Maiquer Group [002719:CH] has been fined RMB73.2m (USD10.7m) by local market supervision bureaus for adding propylene glycol, a mildly toxic additive, to its pure milk, as reported by Caixin Global on August 23. Previously, on June 30, a county market regulator in Zhejiang Province detected propylene glycol in two batches of Maiquer milk, which triggered a further investigation. After a test on 23 batches of pure milk products from Maiquer and 14 other major competitors, the additive was found in six more batches from Maiquer, while the batches from other companies are free from the additive. Aside from the penalty, the local market regulator has confiscated Maiquer’s illegal revenue worth RMB360,154 (USD52,470) along with all the substandard milk.

Propylene glycol is a solvent for food coloring and flavors, which the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognized as generally safe to be used in food. Under Chinese food regulations, the additive is allowed to be used in uncooked noodles and pastries but not in pure milk. Maiquer admitted that it added excessive propylene glycol when pouring the raw milk into the storage tanks. The company claimed that it has completed the rectification after suspending its pure milk production from July 3. At present, it’s resuming milk production and preparing to restart sales after meeting relevant standards.