Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway Releases First ESG Report

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Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway Releases First ESG Report


Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway [601816:CH] published its first ESG report for FY20 on November 15, as reported by XinhuaNet on the same day. It is the first time for the company to disclose its ESG policies and performances, strictly following the nationally-recognized standards and the stock exchange’s requirements. The report mainly focused on four areas that the company made contributions to, including epidemic prevention and control, low-carbon transition and environmental protection, regional economic development and positive social impact, as well as internal corporate governance.

According to the latest ESG report, the company covered over half of the domestic traffic turnover with a carbon intensity of 29%, which was 40% of that in road transportation services and one-third of that of airline companies. This achievement was in line with the company’s carbon management strategies by using electricity from clean energy in place of coal and deploying advanced technology to control and monitor carbon emissions along the line.

Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway is mainly engaged in the railway business in the mainland market. The company is the main body of investment, construction, and operation of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway and the stations along the line. The company’s ESG report is the first ESG report released by a railway service provider on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Outside the mainland stock market, other transportation corporations also disclose their ESG performances, such as Hong Kong-listed CRRC Group [1766:HK].