Slide China Carbon Peak 2030, Carbon Neutral 2060: Are you Ready?
China has announced the ambitious pledge to peak carbon emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060 (30-60). The pledge kickstarted national and local decarbonization policies (such as the national emissions trading scheme) and bolstered investment in sustainable transformation such as green transportation and clean energy. ​
For individual businesses in China, the 30-60 goals present new challenges and massive opportunities. Companies who seize opportunities to enhance energy efficiencies will gain competitive advantages, while those who lag will face increasing risks from stricter government mandates and a changing market.

A crucial business action is to understand your carbon footprint, set actionable goals, and track emissions performance.

Seneca ESG is ready to provide comprehensive toolkit and expertise to help Chinese companies meet the challenges and opportunities that come with the 30-60 goals. Our powerful SaaS platform and expert team will provide essential services for your company’s decarbonization journey.


Conduct a comprehensive assessment and calculation of your business’s carbon footprint with our Carbon Neutral Tool, including Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. Identify key areas of deficiencies and compare your emissions performance with global companies in your specific industry.
Set decarbonization goals for your business (such as net-zero by 2050) and develop net-zero strategies with the consultation of our carbon neutral experts.
Track ongoing carbon data, assessment, management, and reporting via our platform for corporate ESG services. Ensure your company’s progress and produce elegant reports to demonstrate your green commitments to stakeholders.
Stay informed with relevant policy trends and updates (both national and local) directly from our platform.


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