Nike to Stop Using Kangaroo Skin for Shoes 

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Nike to Stop Using Kangaroo Skin for Shoes 

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Nike [NIKE:US] has announced that it will stop using kangaroo skins for its shoes, following a similar move by rival brand Puma, which will put an end to a controversial practice that has been criticized by consumers and animal rights activists, as reported by Reuters on March 14. The use of kangaroo skin in the production of sports shoes has long been a contentious issue, with animal welfare groups protesting against the practice due to concerns over the treatment of kangaroos in the industry. In response to these concerns, Nike has revealed that it will use a new synthetic material instead of kangaroo leather in its Tiempo football boots, and will also not use kangaroo skin in its upcoming Tiempo Premier line of boots. The company has cut ties with its only kangaroo leather supplier and is replacing the material due to ethical concerns.

Animal welfare activists have welcomed the decision from Nike and Puma to stop using kangaroo skin, which follows a campaign by the Center for a Humane Economy to ban the import and sale of kangaroo products. The decision from Nike and Puma to end the use of kangaroo skin in their football boots also reflects a growing trend towards sustainability and ethical practices in the fashion industry. Several other luxury brands, including Gucci owner Kering SA [KER:FP], Italy’s Prada, and Canada Goose Holdings Inc [GOOS:US], have also abandoned the use of animal fur in their collections over the last few years.