KFC Singapore Trials Making Fertilizer from Food and Packaging Waste

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  • KFC Singapore Trials Making Fertilizer from Food and Packaging Waste

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    Singapore-based sustainable packaging company Tria and KFC Singapore launched a pilot project to recycle food and packaging waste from one KFC outlet into fertilizers for agricultural use, as reported by Strait Times on June 21. Upon completion of a six-month trial, the fast-food company will evaluate the results and assess the feasibility of expanding the program across all its sites in Singapore. Norwegian fertilizer giant Yara International is also involved in the pilot and will assess the viability of scaling up the project to produce sustainable fertilizer in line with international standards. Yara also called on more partners within the food chain to adopt sustainable solutions more actively, so that such green initiatives can be popularized.

    KFC Singapore looks to introduce the zero-waste close-loop recycling concept into the catering industry through its partnership with Tria, according to KFC Singapore’s general manager Lynette Lee. To promote sustainability in the food and beverage industry, KFC’s Singapore branch replaced paper boxes in all its restaurants with reusable baskets for dine-in orders in 2016 and stopped using plastic straws in 2018. KFC Singapore’s latest recycling pilot came amid stricter environmental requirements for waste generators in Singapore. According to the country’s Resource Sustainability Act (RSA) enacted in 2019, large commercial and industrial food waste generators must segregate their food waste for treatment from 2024.